1inch tokens staking

How to stake 1inch tokens

If you are a 1INCH holder, you can stake your tokens on the 1inch protocol to participate in the 1inch network’s Instant Governance, DAO governance, and 1inch Network Treasury management. By voting on major protocol parameters, stakers can make changes to the 1inch Aggregation and Liquidity protocols in real-time.

  • go to the ‘DAO’ section on the 1inch dApp;
  • connect your wallet by clicking on the ‘connect wallet’ button in the upper right corner, make sure this is an address in which you have 1INCH tokens;
  • enter the amount of tokens you want to stake in the field ‘amount’;
  • then submit the approval by clicking “Give permission to stake 1INCH”, then sign the transaction within your connected wallet
  • After the approval/permission transaction has been mined, click on the ‘stake token’ button, then confirm this second transaction within your connected wallet.

Instant Governance — How to Vote

Now that you have staked your tokens, you can see your staked share displayed in the ‘voting balance’ field. Below that, you can see your ‘voting power’.

  • To cast your vote, click “View Details”.
  • Then enter in the desired % of referral rewards vs. Treasury Allocation.
  • Lastly, click “Migrate Module”, and confirm the transaction within your wallet.

How to participate in 1inch DAO governance

The 1inch Network governance process allows anyone to create a proposal (1IP), or vote on existing 1inch proposals, including those that affect the 1inch Network Treasury. It takes place in 3 stages.

  • Once your wallet is connected, select the desired proposal on the main 1inch snapshot — page.
  • Then, select the option(s) you want to vote for.
  • Lastly, sign the message within your wallet. Once the signature is complete, your vote will be successfully recorded.



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