1inch awards ETHDenver2021 winners

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We are excited to announce the winners of ETHDevnver2021 hackathon challenges, sponsored by 1inch.

On February 12, ETHDenver, the largest #BUIDLathon in the world for Ethereum, in which 1inch sponsored several tracks, drew to a close.

We are so delighted to name the winners of our challenges. Here they are!

🎉 Gasless — $2,000 in 1INCH tokens


This project will enable users who don’t have ETH to interact with the Ethereum blockchain using other tokens. This is a really easy onboarding solution for new and existing users, as you don’t need to go through the hassle of buying ETH for interacting with Ethereum smart contracts.

🎉 Yogen — $2,000 in 1INCH tokens


This project allows anyone to create “future swaps” — swaps that are scheduled for a specific date and time in the future. The idea behind this concept is that a user would be able to speculate on value movements between a pair of tokens.

A detailed description of all 1inch challenges can be found here. And this is a list of all hackathon winners.

Meanwhile, 1inch’s participation in ETHDenver was by no means limited to sponsoring challenges. We took part in a bunch of other activities! 🦄

Specifically, we ran a technical workshop [https://youtu.be/I9ZOmQiOo5Y], participated in the “DeFi: 2021 & Beyond” panel [https://youtu.be/wwsXigjevj4] and gave an extensive interview about our project [https://youtu.be/ez90mOR-OIE]. You can check all the videos on ETHDenver’s YouTube channel!

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This year, ETHDenver ran an amazing virtual space, and we did a giveaway for everyone who took a snapshot of themselves in front of our booth and tweeted the picture. 🌈

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The prize was an amazing limited ‘1inch x ETHDenver’ t-shirt, and we’ll be happy to send them to more than 100 participants! 🚀

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Finally, the hackathon hosted a fantastic virtual closing party that was sponsored by 1inch (yeah, we love to party hard at 1inch). 😈

We’d like to again congratulate all ETHDenver2021 participants and especially the winners of 1inch challenges! See you again next year!

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